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The market is ever-changing, and that requires serious adaptation on the part of traders.  Regardless of timeframe or style, what worked last month might fail miserably this month, which places a tremendous premium on having a wide set of trading skills to utilize at any given time - whenever the conditions call for an adjustment.

TheStockBandit University's Advanced Trading Course was designed to provide exactly that.  Covering a multitude of strategies, as well as the conditions under which they are best employed, this course will make any trader a more complete trader.  This course will leave you more prepared, less confused, and fully-equipped to focus on the things which matter most.


Who is the Advanced Course Intended For?

Traders Who Already Know the Basics.  Having an understanding of 'Trading 101' gets you in the door, but guarantees nothing.  Today's market is far too fast and complex to show up with merely a basic knowledge, which means you either build on that foundation now or face the frustrations of being a step behind.  The brightest minds on the planet are involved in the market, so moving beyond the basics is a necessity.  This course provides exactly that.
Traders Seeking to Develop Their Own Plan.  The self-directed trader is a self-sustaining trader.  He relies on no one and has the ability to focus on executing his plan because it can be trusted.  The inexperienced trader, on the other hand, is in need of ongoing assistance.  This course outlines everything necessary for creating a trading plan, and it offers cues for adaptation along the way so you know exactly when another approach should be implemented.
Traders Wanting to Operate on Multiple Timeframes.  Having a preferred timeframe is fine, but ignoring all others will leave a lot of money on the table.  Stop missing out on those opportunities by recognizing some other ways your capital can be put to good use through Day Trading, Swing Trading, and Position Trading.  This course equips you to utilize them all for maximum profitability.
  • Swing Trading:  locating plays, strategy, methodology, maintaining watchlists efficiently, trading breakouts, reversal trading, pullback trading techniques & more.
  • Day Trading:  intraday scanning, precision executions for profits, basket trading, scalping, exhaustion tactics, the futures, trading reversals, continuation plays & more.
  • Position Trading:  pyramiding positions, trading around a position, protecting profits and capital through options, best conditions & situations, and more.
Frustrated Traders.  The competitive landscape of the market naturally delivers frustration to traders who aren't able to adapt when the time comes.  That often occurs when a trader has only a limited number of approaches, and each of them has been exhausted.  This course will open your eyes to a broader number of strategies, allowing you greater flexibility as a trader to modify your approach as needed.
Traders Who Realize They're Ill-Equipped to Tackle Today's Market.  Anytime you're outgunned, it's a hopeless feeling.  Two choices surface whenever that's the case:  become better prepared, or walk away.  For many of us, the latter simply isn't an option, so educating ourselves and gaining some Higher Education is the way to overcome.  The wisdom you'll gain from this course will not only leave you equipped to attack, it'll allow you to recognize more quickly that a given style is losing its effectiveness and should be replaced.


Our Advanced Trading Course is an up-close examination of a variety of styles to be used across multiple timeframes, from Day Trading to Swing Trading to Position Trading.  We go in-depth on topics like money management, locating trade candidates, executing orders with precision, how to add to winning trades effectively, managing risk through options, trading on news, scalping, basket trading, structuring entities for your trading business, tactics for a host of strategies, and a whole lot more.  In short, it's intense trader training.

With more than 6 1/2 hours of video lessons in this course, we literally left nothing out of the curriculum.  You'll find it covered here, whatever it is, if it's important to trading successfully.  And of course, it comes backed by not only our rock-solid reputation, but by the same risk-free guarantee our courses are known for.

TheStockBandit University is here to equip you to tackle any trading condition you might face.  Are you ready to begin?


Have Some Questions?
  • How does the course work?
    • The Advanced Course is delivered via a virtual classroom format, whereby you can watch each lesson in a video-on-demand fashion.  The lessons during Week 1 are built upon in the Week 2, 3 and 4 lessons, so the course gains momentum as you progress through it.  You'll find a blend of specific how-to videos along with some conceptual principles which are taught to give you not only the criteria for the trading methods discussed, but a thorough understanding of why and when they're put to use.  This helps you retain what you're taught much longer.  The Advanced Course spans more than 6 1/2 hours - needless to say, there's a LOT of material covered and we left absolutely nothing out!

  • What if I have questions during the course?
    • With your enrollment into TheStockBandit University's Advanced Course, you can contact your course instructor for help anytime for a full-year, with any questions you might have. That direct assistance and one-on-one coaching is one huge difference that puts TheStockBandit University on a level of its own.

  • Do I need any specific software in order to take this course and follow along?
    • No. We do cover a number of different products which can be of benefit to a variety of trading styles and methods, but none are required for taking the course.  You may find through the lessons that you already have tools at your disposal which you simply aren't utilizing fully.  So while we may discuss some software programs which you might want to eventually use, none are required for taking this course.

  • How exactly does this whole “virtual classroom” thing work?
    • TheStockBandit University is taught over a four-week period. After enrolling in the course, you’ll gain immediate access to the Week 1 lessons. Then 7 days later, you'll be given access to the Week 2 lessons. And this pattern will continue throughout the remaining weeks of the course. When you login to the course, the video-based lessons will be waiting for you. All you have to do is click a button, watch and learn. You can watch these lessons as much as you want and you can access them anytime, day or night, 7 days a week, for 1 full year.

  • After the course is over, will I still be able to access the lessons?
    • Yes. You will have full, unrestricted access to all of the course lessons.  That means it will continue to be a resource for you to turn to again and again. Advanced course students will receive personal, one-on-one assistance from the instructor during their first year of enrollment.

  • I don't have time for a 4-week course. Can I get the lessons faster?
    • Yes. Contact us here and we can arrange for you to receive the lessons faster.

  • Will I become a profitable trader after taking this course?
    • We make no guarantees to that effect whatsoever.  This course was put together to give you a complete and thorough understanding of how the market tends to move, which strategies will have the best chances of success under certain conditions, and to prepare you the best way possible to approach the market with a specific game plan for minimizing risk while maximizing reward.  This is based on over a decade of trading experience, during every kind of condition.  We can equip you for success, but we cannot ensure it.  Trading will always involve risk, which means you can lose money, whether day trading, swing trading, or position trading.  This course cannot offset the risk which is inherent to the market.  Discipline is another major factor which any trader must exercise in order to avoid devastating losses, and although the completion of this course might improve your discipline, no guarantee is made as to the level of success you may have.

  • Should I trade with everything I have?
    • We are not financial advisors and cannot tell you what to do with your money.  That's something only you can decide.  But having said that, generally even full-time traders will trade with only a portion of their assets.  That accomplishes a couple of things.  First, good trading decisions can still be made when not everything is on the line.  And good trading does require clear thinking.  That's very difficult to do with one's entire net worth.  Second, trading with a portion of one's assets can enable them to diversify timeframes.  Traditional Wall Street suggests diversifying across asset classes, but they leave out the part about diversifying across timeframes.  So having some short-term exposure to offset long-term exposure can often be of great benefit, particularly in a market decline such as what has occurred over the past decade.  But just as 'investing' in any one idea will involve great risk, so will plowing everything you have into one trade.  We do not recommend that.

Here's Some of What You'll Learn...

TheStockBandit University is a training course which is presented through a "virtual classroom" format.  This cutting-edge course is structured in the following way over the 4-week period:

Week 1 - The lessons in Week 1 lay the foundation for what comes later in the course.  During this week, you'll learn our unique methods for diversifying timeframes as a trader.  You'll also learn about seasonality, routines, trading entities, in-depth money management, evaluating risk properly, and how to overcome the biases in your trading which may be holding you back.

Week 2 - This is the week where we focus on the multi-day timeframe of swing trading.  We'll discuss ways to find actionable stocks, as well as our strategy and methodology for swing trading.  We'll also take a thorough look at not only how to swing trade various styles, along with which conditions are best for swing trading breakouts, reversals, channels, and pullbacks.

Week 3 - During Week 3, day trading is the focus.  We cover everything related to it, from locating trades to various styles such as breakouts, reversals, and pullbacks.  We cover exhaustion moves, scalping, intraday scanning, adding to winning trades correctly, basket trading, how to monitor the futures, and much more.


Week 4 - In the final week of the course, we cover topics like trading the news, how to structure software layouts for maximum efficiency, position trading, options, and deciding on timeframes for trades.  Then we close it out by putting it all together, concluding with a thorough look at what to focus on for success, based upon the conditions which are present at any given time.



This Course Is NOT For Everyone...

Not everyone wants to take responsibility for their trading future.  Many people would rather place the blame on the market when they need to and claim success as their own if it happens.  That's a loser's mentality, and it'll get you nowhere if you accept it.  This course, aside from how robust it may be, isn't able to overcome that attitude.

But for those who want to step up and break through to the next level with their trading, a better choice exists.  For those who are willing to spend some extra time learning to think outside the box, a world of opportunity awaits.  They know that a short-term commitment to learning just might mean the night-and-day difference for them between failure and lasting success.  Honing your skills in a craft like trading doesn't happen overnight, but it has potential to provide for years to come.

TheStockBandit University makes learning easy, and it doesn't require a cross-country trek to get to some cramped hotel meeting room.  Through this course, you can learn as you go, in the comfort of your own home - and you can begin RIGHT NOW.  Enrolling in the course gives you instant access to the lessons, granting you immediate permission to start sharpening your skills for a more complete approach to your trading!

No Harm In Trying

And you can do it risk-free!  TheStockBandit University is so thorough, so complete, and so informative that it's being offered to you with a 100% no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.  If you enroll in the course for the first time and find that it's not what you were looking for, you can ask for and receive a full refund within the first 7 days.  I'm that confident you're going to love it.

So, How Can You Learn Here?

Here at TheStockBandit University, we aren't looking to sell you a get-rich-quick scheme for making money in the stock market.  That isn't how lasting trading success happens anyway.  We're here to educate you and to equip you with a diverse set of proper techniques and tactics needed in order to compete in today's market environment.

If you wanted to get good at something, you'd want to learn from an expert.  By finding an expert, you're shortening your learning curve by letting their mistakes work for YOU.  Navigating a maze would be easier if someone else who has been down several paths could tell you what to avoid, right?

Well, trading can feel like a maze sometimes, and we want to help you understand which approaches to take based on the prevailing conditions, in order to 'walk through it' successfully.

We're here to make you a better trader, plain and simple.  We'll accelerate your learning curve and strengthen your skill set so that you're more prepared with weapons in your arsenal that weren't there before, putting you one giant step closer to the dream.

This course is unlike anything you've seen before.

What this course is not...

This course is not an advisory service, and this course is not here to proclaim outrageous performance statistics or make you rich overnight.  This is not an overhyped money-printing program like you'll find on a late-night infomercial.

What this course is...

This course is a stepping stone to shorten your learning curve as a trader.  This course is an avenue for adding more trading methods and styles to your current approach, leaving you fully-equipped to tackle any conditions you may face.

Success Must Be Chosen By You - Here's How...

The ball is in your court, and you're facing a decision which could make a tremendous difference in your future.  Right about now, you're asking yourself, "what am I waiting for, and what have I got to lose?"  Get over that hump of uncertainty and take action - you'll be glad you did.

If you're ready to move beyond the frustration, open your mind to some new methods, and embrace all the possibilities it brings with it, then enroll now for instant access to the course lessons.

You'll immediately be able to start learning - all you need to do is register below.  Click the Enroll Now link and start the process.  You'll select a login, complete the registration, and be on your way to leaving the struggling-trader mentality in your rearview mirror.

Pretty soon, you'll Trade Like A Bandit!


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I understand I have a money-back guarantee without risk.  If during the first 7 days I am not fully-satisfied with what I'm learning and would like a refund issued to me, I may request one and get it.  And I understand this offer applies to first-time registration only.

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